Eccheli Baisi Palace

Eccheli-Baisi Palace, Brentonico
Via Mantova, 4 - 38060 Brentonico (TN)

The Eccheli Baisi Palace is the building dating back to the 16th century situated in the heart of Brentonico's built-up area. The green color of the façade makes it a testimony to the ancient importance of the green soils' mines, managed by the Ecchelis who also owned the Palace.
The green soils were once used to dye the fabric, and as pigment for oil painting. After the second half of the 19th century, the Palace became dwelling of the Baisis, who started their activity of cold cuts production and retail. 

Opening hours: from October to May only upon reservation, Ph. +39 0464/394027 - Cultural Office of the Brentonico Municipality or Ph. +39 0464395059 - - Brentonico library.

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