Trekking of Baldo's pastures and flowers

Trekking of Baldo's pastures and flowers consists in a great project of cultural enhancement of the mountain area. Its aim is introducing the environment of alpine prairies, pastures and alpine huts, which are environmental elements of great importance from the landscape, ecology and economy points of view. It also aims at raising awareness of the unique heritage of plants and flowers which makes Mount Baldo renowned. The Trekking activity therefore promotes a responsible tourism focused on the peculiarities of the territory and respectful of its vulnerabilities.

The Trekking activity is composed of 4 trails.
Along the Trekking trails there are illustrated panels with different types of contents:

  • boards of the alpine huts present in the area;
  • information about the environment of pastures and prairies;
  • main species of flowers that can be observed in different places;
  • panoramic panels for landscape interpretation.

Some alpine huts are equipped with tables and benches for resting and kits for bicycle repair are
available. Two alpine huts are equipped for sleeping.
Trekking is illustrated in the website of the Monte Baldo Natural Park, which includes a rich series of immersive images; has also been produced a topographic map which will be distributed for free. In order to promote the Trekking activity two information points have been created (equipped wooden "little houses") that can be moved throughout the area of the Park according to needs.

Progetto cofinanziato dall'UE attraverso il bando F.E.S.R.

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