The House of the Vicar

Built around the IX century, the house of the Vicar of Avio, located in the district of Vigo, is a symbolic place for the whole community.

Composed of two buildings, the House of tithes and the vicarial seat, around the XV century became the "loggia of the town", seat of the Magnificent Community of Avio, where the assemblies of the heads of the family were presided over by an elective figure, the Vicar. Head of the Community and judge, the Vicar had the task of enforcing the "rules" established by the statute, aimed at the good management of the common goods typical of a rural community, of natural resources and to guarantee the norms of civil and religious life.

Purchased by the Municipality in 1995, the House of the Vicar was returned to the citizens after a long restoration work and has become a small museum, where some important finds are exhibited, testifying its vocation of being a place of passage (in particular, of the milestones of the Via Claudia Augusta).

[Source: Municipality of Avio]

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