Casa del Parco Naturale Locale Monte Baldo (Monte Baldo Local Natural Park House)

Palazzo Eccheli-Baisi - Via Mantova, 4
38060 Brentonico (TN) | View on Map
Municipality: Brentonico

The Monte Baldo Local Natural Park House, inaugurated on July 14, 2019, is the new visitor center located inside the halls of the Eccheli-Baisi Palace in Brentonico. It was created on a museographic project by the MUSE-Museo delle Scienze of Trento in collaboration with the Rovereto Civic Museum Foundation, with an arrangement by architect Alessandro Andreolli. The project, co-financed by the Autonomous Province of Trento - Sustainable Development and Protected Areas Service (funds pursuant to Article 96 of the Provincial Law of 23 May 2007, no. 11), aims at enhancing the protected areas of Monte Baldo in an educational and recreational way, thus improving active conservation and environmental protection interventions as key points of the Park.

Opening times: See timetable for the Eccheli-Baisi Palace

Entrance fee: Free entrance

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